buying a Spanish registered car?

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      I ve just read, with horror, the process for bringing a UK registered car over to Spain.
      what is the process if you just buy a Spanish registered car which already has the ITV and all docs in order?
      is it just a case of simply changing the ownership via a form, this seems too simple for the Spanish with their form filling frenzy attitude!

      how many visits to the local town hall are involved? 8)

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      It is better to get a Gestor to do it for you. You need to check that the previous owner doesn’t owe any parking fines or back taxes or you will be responsible 🙁

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      Thanks Katy,
      why is every thing so difficult in Spain? in UK if you buy a car then you are only responsible from the date you buy it, makes sense!
      why have one person do a job if you can employ five

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      This boils down to job creation. Once the Spaniards pulled out of their colonies, those privileged civil servant’s had to have a job in a shrinking empire, economy. This continued during Franco period for political reasons. Its now part of its culture and it for this reason every Spaniard wants to be a civil servant.

      Also, note it is also getting like this in UK and that is why perhaps we have low employment as millions are pushing paper and hampering the growth of people trying to create wealth

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