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    Hi, I’m looking into buying a flat in Seville, Spain. Does anyone have any experience in this? What Estate Agency do you recommend? Has anyone heard anything about the estate aency ElCarmen (Pages Del Corro 87, Seville?)Thanks!

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    I know Seville very well & is a regular visitor. The market is varied e.g the centre i.e. the Giralda area the properties are old & the ones that are restored are very expensive there are issues of parking, noise, lorries cannot get to them if resorting was your option and this will add to your cost..

    Trianna area is very popular & behind the river front properties there are some lovely old houses/palaces. Some of them have been converted to flats, again parking & noise will be an issue.

    A lovely area and my favourite is near Parque Maria Luisa & its vicinity where the football stadium Caladoron in Calle Palmeras, very expensive, parking or noise is not an issue here. This area was developed to house the builders/participant of the first expo around 1936.

    Another area that is very fashionable is just off Calle Torneo, it has fantastic restaurants and bars & in the past it was the area for the ladies of the night. Again very expensive parking & noise an issue.

    An area popular with the young is Los remedios where the feria takes place. What ever your reason for buying do not forget that it is not an international market & your plan B will be selling to a Spanish market. The Sevilleanos like to fall out of bed into the bars, cinemas etc.

    Seville also is a city of contrast with areas of the senoritos or gipsy. Most of the youngster inherit properties. Generally the housing stock is either of a very high quality or very poor quality & this brings the social issues.

    I have many friends in Seville it is a very close & conservative society. I would recommend you rent first and don’t be taken by it charm which is akin to the seductive charm of Carmen from the Bizet opera and we all know what happened to Carmen..

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    Deleted due the above being posted twice. Having had issues recently. Some of my posting have been lost & have not showed even weeks after.

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    Agree, rent first…..!

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