Building workers on strike ?

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    Our lawyer advises us that our developer is claiming that the 15 month
    delay in completing our apartment is due to several labour strikes last year, thus negating a claim under the bank guarantee.

    Can anyone verify that there were strikes and if so when and for how long ?

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    Michael, have a read of this thread
    which contains a similar theme. It may answer some of your questions.
    It may help if you tell the forum where/which your development is?
    Any foreseeable delays should really have been notified to you before this stage along with proof that all possible steps were taken to minimise the impact of e.g. strikes. A 15 month delay is a pretty substantial one to blame on strikes in one 12 month period! The maths doesn’t really add up!

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    The apartment is in Duquesa Village

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    Yes there were strikes in Malaga province as a whole resulting from the proposed closure of cement works.

    There was a general construction strike and also a cement strike around Jan 2006 (thereby extended Christmas holidays for them, how convenient). This badly affected our villa construction projects resulting in delays of around 6-8 weeks in total. NB Also made the price of cement go up, the buggers!

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