Brown speaks to Zapatero

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      Gordon Brown has spoken to Zapatero to facilitate the move/repatriation of British nationals who are grounded in Spain. This also included members of the Armed forces. Whilst I appreciate a a large number of the arm forces moving through a Sovereign estate & the presence of Naval vessels docking needs communications at highest level.

      Leaving the arm forces aside there are civilians that are being repatriated along side the forces. These people are lower in number than the ones being cheated/robbed by the member of the Spanish Commercial, Legal, local & regions.

      Why, cant or could not Gordon Brown speak to Zapatero to resolve the larger issues, In respect of the repatriation do you think Zapatero would have told Gordon Brown that it not a matter for the Central Government and he cannot assist as the region of Santander needs to take this issue.

      As usual cheap & cynical political moves are being made by Mr Brown. Come on Suzanne this is your time to make the move.

      NB: I have to axe to grind as I am not affected by the abuses. But feel very strongly for rights of people and the bad publicity Spain is getting from all this.

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      Zapatero offering to help distressed Brits, that will be a first, he’s not bothered by all the distressed Brits caught out by Spain’s property corruption!

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      Wasn’t much help. Madrid airport will have benefitted from extra landing fees. They did nothing to help stranded passengers…not even a blanket for the kids 🙄

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