British expat pensions under threat?

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    Some estate agents marketing Spanish property to British retirees highlight the fact that you can draw your British pension whilst living in Spain. I believe that is true.

    However, there are big changes afoot to the British pension system, and some of them may limit pensions drawn abroad. The latest news is pensions minister Steve Webb suggesting restrictions on spouse claims abroad:

    From 2016, entitlement to a state pension will depend on an individual’s own contributions, rather than the employment record of their spouse.

    Mr Webb said some 200,000 overseas residents receive this payment at a cost of £410m a year.

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    Loss of Pension, declaration of Assets. Best to live in blighty and enjoy the winter, rain, snow etc

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    It does not affect people who have paid contributions in Uk.It would be difficult to deprive such a person. Do you not have to declare assets abroad to the HMRC either if you obtain an income from them -or if you sell them for a profit -or you die.If you want to escape the UK winter – in my town in UK this winter it hit -17F unheard of . You need a pied a terre at least maybe as NO RESIDENTE !( 182 days max. To be honest its not expensive to buy now- the hassle is for your relatives having to sell it

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    Mainly aimed at the old geezers who go out to Thailand, Phillipines etc. and take a young bride who soon get widows pension 🙂

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