bogus bank guarantees

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    how do know if you hold a real guarantee or a bogus guarantee are there any cheeks to be made as I have heard of a development that were giving out bogus guarantees , it seems lawyers do no checks to see if they are real or not , you will only find out if you hold a real one when you come to use it ……

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    You can try telephoning the bank direct, ask to speak to the Bank Guarantee dept., quote the necessary number of the guarantee, and they should tell you whether they have it.

    We were not sure about ours either, but luckily we were in Marbella at the time. We went into a bank (not connected), showed them a copy of our BG and passport. On that, they telephoned the bank concerned in Granada and they gave the information.

    We have since telephoned the bank ourselves from England, to ask other questions about the BG – and they freely gave the info. – in fact were very helpful. If you don’t speak Spanish, ask to speak to someone who speaks English – most banks have someone.
    It’s worth a try…..

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    Participant is a link giving various businesses offering bank guarantees, but who are not authorised in Spain to guarantee anything.

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    Great work Bert.

    So that people don’t have to download and open a pdf file in Spanish I’m copying below the company names listed in the document.

    But be warned. The government document does point out that this list is not exhaustive.

    Unauthorised to give guarantees:

    Merrion Reinsurance Company Ltd.
    Lauren’s Insurance Ltd.
    Europa Cauzioni SpA
    Compagnie des Garanties de Luxembourg SA, / Compagnie des Garanties, SA – Compagnia di Cauzioni, SA-Cauzioni, SA
    General Fidi Consorcio Garantia Fidi
    Mutuelle Internazionale D’Assurances La Parisienne
    Mutuelle de Strasbourg
    López Seguros International Insurance Company
    American British Insurance Ltd.
    Italfinanziaria SpA
    Gabinete Preventivo de Medicina Deportiva
    Agrupación de Capitales SA
    Unión General de Valores SA
    Shamrock Properties Overseas Ltd.

    And from the same document, Unauthorised Insurance brokers:

    Special Coberage SL
    Alfer Risc SL
    Onlyl Insurance SL
    Gestión de Servicios Actuariales SL
    Sugavia, Correduría de Seguros SL
    Caronte Group Network Services SA
    Sunny Lucky Seguros

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    good information thak you 😉

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    thank you 😳

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