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      the site has recently been subject of a great deal of interesting but factual postings from both disillusioned customers of

      Estates as well as their staff who appear to be ‘moles’ on that site.

      That site is recommended by this Estate Agent in P. Banus and appears to clearly be involved with them as they have now deleted ALL these postings and stopped the many customers from logging-on.

      Having read their forum, none of what I saw was ‘potentially libellous’, the site is not impartial unlike this site.

      So my advice is to stick with Mark and this website for safety!

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      I was following the thread with interest until it was ‘wiped’
      it was quite amusing to see the two ‘moles’ trying to defend this company.

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      As an ex employee of that certain company, to read about it people’s comments being wiped does not suprise me at all. This company will stop at nothing and will bribe, pay off and threaten people to get their own way…

      They treat the staff the same way but we didn’t get paid off! That would have cost them money. All I can say is what goes around comes around… I could write a book about how these people operate.

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      What advice can you give to newbies like me, major or minor issues to be aware off. We have none in Spain to give advice us and are havilly studying how to buy property there. Websites/magazines recommend different approaches and/or different ways of buying the place under sun.
      But like any business an insider information would give more than thousand magazines. For example, in a typical situation, when buying, when and how agency/laywer can scam. For example, a contract written in spanish is the step number one from their site. Whats’ second? Check the deed title -> if the owner who sells the place is the real owner ? How can one check this out?
      Bills? Land ownership? Permissions? etc…It would be great if one could compile a list of all steps to through in order to avoid the scam.


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      Participant will give you infromation on who or what owns the property. You want the Nota Simple, it’s about 9 euros and normally takes just a few hours. The site is available in English.

      If a company owns the property, they can also be checked out for about the same sum. The website for that is commercial, so email me if you want it.

      Get an independant lawyer who is working for you and nobody else involved with the transaction. Get everything you can in writing. Scarper if you feel things are being hidden from you. It’s simple enough if you keep your wits about you.

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      Look around the main website There’s plenty of the information you want and a lot more will be added in the next few months.

      Rubia, would you mind getting in touch the next time are round this way – always interested to talk to ex-employees. You can send me a PM or email.


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