Beware of these fraudsters

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      Experts in Spain ( and its new sister company is a new business venture by convicted serial fraudster Simon Harris and his wife Jenny. They are

      Simon and Jenny live in the village of Guatiza on the island of Lanzarote. They came to Lanzarote after Simon was released from jail in Liverpool where he served time for fraud. He created the Quill Will franchises in the UK and as well as a will society to give credibilty to it. Thousands of people lost a great deal of money, many their entire life savings.

      When it all started to get nasty, as most scams eventually do, the Harris’s fled to Lanzarote where they soon saw an large expat market for their scams. They started with their signature will scam before moving onto property tax scams which earnt them a lot of money.

      Lanzarote is a small island and eventually word got around which resulted in the close of their business there in March 2009 though things where going badly for around the previous 18 months where they had become the talk of the island and where they had become the main topic on the forum of the islands leading English language publications (

      Suprisingly they are still living on the island where they have conned hundreds of people out of thousands of pounds/euros. Unable to carry out any further business on the island the Harris’s have now turned their attention to the Spanish mainland where their victims will be the UK Expat Community as well as UK citizens looking at purchasing a second home.

      Anybody that may be considering using the services of Experts in Spain or UK Pensions in Spain will hopefully have the good sense to search the internet where they will hopefully come across this and other websites which will save them a lot of money, pain and stress.

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      We’ve seen that there are no champions to help the expats living here in Spain. If you are ‘taken’ by another Brit, then who is there to help you? The British embassy? The consulate? A gun-boat sent out from London to sort out the locals?
      The local English-language press…? Who live off advertising and who, at least in one case, are run by well-known fraudsters anyway.
      The forums can help and, maybe, if we can really create a viable community here in Spain, then the grass-root associations, expat groups in local politics and our second generation bilingual kids and grandkids can bring pride and honour back to our community.

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      If you are ‘taken’ by another Brit, then who is there to help you? The British embassy? The consulate?

      Are you joking Lenox?, all they do is open parties and try to justify their horrendous charges on the radio.

      I quite agree with your comments on the local press and media in general. I know who you are referring to as fraudsters, the other media owners whilst perhaps not fraudsters do have to sell advertising to survive, in the present climate their policy probably comes from a famous Cole Porter song “Anything goes”

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