BEWARE! Is the Bullshit Coming back to Spanish Property?

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      Or has it ever left?

      Received an email from based in Rickmansworth Herts UK.

      107% Financed Beach Resort Spain, ONLY 3,950 euros needed, yeah right!
      Prices reduced by 60% (don’t believe it, think of a bigger figure then reduce it by 60%) to CLEAR STOCK they say, starting at 129.5k euros
      VIRTUALLY Zero Money in Now get this bit, ‘PRE-APPROVED MORTGAGES’ must be a lending scam again methinks. How can this be with all the Sub Prime and Credit Fuelled Lenders? Ok then I’ll take a dozen of those mortgages thanks!!!!
      FREE Inspection Trips – now where have we heard that before? Nothing’s free in overseas property.

      Somewhere near Murcia and Alicante they say.

      Why aren’t these agents regulated, is it because they’re based in UK?

      Anyone know more about this and them? ❓

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