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    We have advertised for 7 years on a number of websites our house in Nerja. We have found holiday (now owned by tripadvisor) to be the most successful. However we are increasingly concerned at the increasing costs and complexity of  this service.

    Are there any recommendations for lettings websites which are cost effective or free for owners to use ?

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    Mark Stücklin

    Have you tried They are all the rage these days. I think they charge 3% of the booking revenu.

    You can also try the “Spanish Homes for Sale by Owner (FSBO) And Rentals” forum at this site. It’s gone quiet since I changed to the current forum software, but I know from user feedback that it delivered results. One day I’ll have the software customised to make it more user friendly, and maybe charge a small listing fee. But in the meantime it’s free to use.

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      Thanks I will look at both options.


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    I’ve used in various places (Barcelona, Buenos Aires, and San Miguel de Allende) and been very pleased with the results. Most inquiries are from the US, Canada, and Australia. VRBO has a British affiliate, as well.

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    Thanks, I will have a look at this one.


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    uncle bob
    Participant now is much better than holidaylettings.

    I didnt want to leave as all my positive reviews are linked because they are sister company of Tripadvisor but they are now getting pretty bad with charges and customer support so I went to homeaway and they are much better.

    They do an option where you only pay them a commission when you rent it out so that might be an option for some people

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    VRBO is now part of the HomeAway family, so listings on one also are displayed on the other. Larger universe!

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    As a renter I like using House Trip because the landlord does not get paid by HT until I have completed my rental ( I pay House Trip in advance who hold the funds releasing them to the landlord on completion of the rental). Having made a large financial commitment to airfares and accommodations, this offers security that I will not be ripped off by bogus or unscrupulous landlords.

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    I can advise this service:

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