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      Are Tossa de Mar and Lloret de Mar the best spots to grab a cheap apartment with growth potential? Or should I start looking further north (although not in pricey Llafranc area..) ?

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      Mark Stücklin


      Tossa and Lloret are the best known and consolidated towns at the cheap end of the Costa Brava, so it would make sense to start there. However, they became very popular with Russian buyers in recent years, so the collapse in Russian demand might be a threat to investment (no exit) or an opportunity to buy on the cheap, I’m not sure which. Are you just looking for an investment, or also a place to enjoy? If the later, do you like Tossa and Lloret? I have to say they aren’t my favourite places.

      Alternatives are Malgrat, which benefits from a good train connection to Barcelona, which Tossa and Lloret don’t. Or further north there’s L’Estartit, which is less pricey than Llafranc. From an investment point of view I would also consider Castelldefels, to the south of Barcelona, which I expect to become more popular with time.

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      Hi Mark

      Thank you very much for the considered response. My first priority is an accessible property to enjoy with family and friends – for us this does include a decent nightlife. Which is primarily why I considered Tossa and Lloret as an obvious choice. However, I fully agree there are more desirable locations and the Russian situation is an interesting one I hadn’t thought of.

      Since I don’t plan to rent the property out, it seems logical to look at potential capital growth in the medium/long term as a secondary consideration.

      My impressions of L’Estartit from a previous visit is that it lacks a hub and feels a bit soulless. But I’m happy to be proven wrong on that!

      I have been considering the Blanes / Malgrat region also, and the train connection is a massive plus. However, I hadn’t looked south of Barcelona at all – Castelldefels does indeed look far less developed than the other regions.

      I will be visiting the region in June and will aim to hit all the spots on this list. If there is anywhere else you feel I might be missing, I would really value your opinion!
      Best regards


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