Benidorm Land Grab

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      ‘THE PUBLIC works ministry has begun the compulsory purchase of land for the project to upgrade the N-332 bypass in Benidorm.

      Owners of land that adjoins the existing bypass will now have to give up their properties at a price established by the ministry.

      A list of those affected by the compulsory purchase orders has been put up in Benidorm town hall and those affected have been notified that they must go to the town hall on February 17, 18 and 19 to begin the administration process.

      The owners of around 70 properties will be affected……..’

      There was also an article in the Costa Blanca News about Our Petition today – or so I’ve been told. Has anyone seen it ❓ Thanks…

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      If, the people affected are paid a fair market value for their properties. I would not consider this to be a land grab.

      I am sure that some of them may just welcome the offer if its a fair one, as they might be thinking of returning to UK and cant sell in the current market condition of course what ever is the valuation. They will be paid in instalments & over a number of years.

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      They are usually only paid what is on the valor catastral and as you know these figures can be very low, particularly with older properties.

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      Katy, I agree with you. I however did not wanted to be bearer of bad news. I hope & pray the affected people get a fair value for their land etc.

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