Benalmádena Town Hall offers tax incentives to ‘exemplary re

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    The above is one of the headings in this weeks “Sur”.

    I, would like to know if it possible for the residents to be exemplay residents. Considering the best effort to deal and resolve things in dealing with the Town hall ends up in frustration and waste of time.

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    Yes there is if you pay up and shut up! Bit lick the rest of the town hall lot, keep quiet, produce and then be rewarded!!!

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    It was the Mayor of Benalmádena, Enrique Bolin, who awarded the medals of the city to two men who are charged in the Malaya corruption case in Marbella :Rafael Gómez, and Cristóbal Peñarroya (La Reserva developer) now out on bail.

    Think that says it all for their ‘Incentive Schemes’ ❗ 😡

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    😆 ❗ ‘lick the rest of the town hall’ – very apt Inez 😆

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