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    The recent program on the BBC Watchdog, ‘Spanish Dreams Reduced to Rubble’ is now available on YouTube .
    Each time these and similar programs are shown on British television, more and more people decide against investing in Spain.

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    how do you avoid this?

    Is it just a case of making sure you have a thorough Lawyer?

    I don’t know whether its sad or stupid?

    Or a bit of both…….

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    You seem to be asking the same questions again and again.

    You have already had the best advice we can give. Do your own research and, above all, get a good independent lawyer.

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    Well, you buy in a town or city. That’s what Spaniards do. It is rare for a Spaniard to buy in the pueblo where he (or his grand dad came from) and quite unheard of to buy in some other pueblo. It was only the northern Europeans who came along and reversed this sad but inevitable death of the little white villages located in the ‘quinto pino’.
    Indeed, for small pueblos, the Junta de Andalucía is inexplicably keen to kill ’em dead as fast as they can go. If you must insist on buying in such a place, buy an old established house with proper paperwork and don’t use a local lawyer.
    Bucking the odds, our town, Mojacár, is OK (surprisingly), with no illegal houses on record, although, as elsewhere, the JdeA’s rules about town-planning only allow a few new houses to be built (based on the padrón numbers and ignoring demand and/or demographic movement).

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