BBC iPlayer in Europe

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    Just thought I’d share this, as I regard it as quite a find.

    No doubt may of you will already know this but if you want to watch BBC iPlayer, ITV catchup, etc from outside the UK you are blocked. The way around this is to get a VPN service based in the UK then connect to that before starting iPlayer.

    For a few years now I have been using a service called UKiVPN as they were the cheapest around. I have now found a service that is not only considerably cheaper but also more reliable.

    They do offer some free accounts but they are quite hard to get hold of. For $55 (About €40) per year you can have unlimited access to all UK terrestial output. If you want to you can subscribe for a month at a time, this costs $6 p.m.

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    Just use expatshield. Free and effective. Only use it when you want to watch iplayer etc as it plays annoying ads.

    Or google foxyproxy.

    There’s no need to spend money watching iplayer in Spain.

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    Participant £60 per annum or £5 per month.
    They also have a US VPN effective for watching The Masters live and other blocked US tv films etc.

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