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      Great Location GARDEN APARTMENT Costa de Sol
      No need to mow the lawn as they developer decided not to include one.
      No habitation licence but told thats not going to be a problem.
      Its Illegal but again am assured that brown paper bags will soon sort this out
      Built on stilts however and the architect refuses to sign it off.
      Included in the property it has its own and independent Bank Guarantee so if anything goes wrong your money will be refunded including interest as thats the law 😕 😯 😉

      Offers Invited and P.X Considered.

      Honest Frank 8)

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      If you give me 40% commission, I have 3 clients I can show it to in the morning. Can I offer them a guaranteed rental for 2 years AND the mortgage payments for the same time please!

      I reckon we should sell it for 340,000 euros – its a good area!! 😀

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      Frank you will have us all fighting to put in an offer on it!

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      Hang on to it, will be worth a million when the next boom comes along 8)

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      Frank – I’m sure an estate agent could make it sound more attractive!

      Inez – Don’t forget you need to discount by 40% for the drop in value of property on CDS regardless of the starting price!

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      Nah JJB-Mijas – no discount necessary – honest I have 3 clients maybe 4 now about to get on a plane to come and view! 😆

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      JJB- Mijas
      Whatcha mean everyone knows I am an estate agent 😯
      Just happen be SOOoooooo busy at the moment 😆
      Just happen to have a couple of properties that represent an idea investor opportunties thats all.
      Its up to you guys if you want to jump on board. 😯
      Inez 🙂 I may be open to an offer on that price if the client can complete very very quickly.
      Not against the ole paper bag either
      The rest abuse the law so its an open shop.

      Just Frank

Viewing 6 reply threads
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