Barcelona’s commercial property slump not a good sign

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    I’ve been watching the number of empty shops growing in central Barcelona with increasing alarm. It’s not a rigorous study, but my guess is that at least 20% of retail space in the Eixample district of central Barcelona, within 5 blocks of Paseo de Gracia (Barcelona’s answer to Piccadilly) is empty or with businesses in the process of closing down. This is not a good sign at all.

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    Fuengi (Andrew)


    Mark do you have any idea of what they have to pay in rent? What leaseholds are selling for? etc…

    On the Costa del Sol, leasehold prices and the rents have always been quite high. Even though prices of leaseholds are lower now, in many cases rents are still stubbornly high

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    yes Mark, I’ve noticed it myself – quite alarming and in a top central area as well – it seems that Barcelona is on its last legs – in fact if it wasn’t for the tourist and convention visitors Barcelona would be in deep trouble – anything to do with local politics I wonder? thousands of companies have closed and relocated to other parts of Spain and many international companies are packing their bags as we speak!!!

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