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      What do you think of this news? Do yo think that they will start giving new licenses next year?

      Barcelona fail to give licenses to apartments in the Eixample

      PP and CiU aprovarán expected in July the suspension, which will last six months and affect the most visited city neighborhoods.

      Barcelona. (Reuters) -. Government’s commission of Barcelona City Council approve, expected in July, suspend for six months the licensing of houses for tourist use in the Eixample district and in various districts of the city, to prevent concentration.
      The president of the municipal group PPC, Alberto Fernández, announced Tuesday a pact with CiU to implement this measure, an agreement that has been confirmed by the municipal government. Fernandez explained that the suspension of licenses is a “must” measure to prevent generating grandfathered Procedures to start while the special plan of tourist uses for these spaces is developed in order to regulate this activity, as agreed by the full in December a proposal from PPC.
      The council has explained that popular expects the license suspension was initially approved in July and definitely before the end of the year.
      Among the neighborhoods affected by this measure are, in addition to all of the Eixample district, the Vila de Gràcia, Poble Nou Camp d’en Grassot and Gracia Nova, Poble Sec, Sant Gervasi-Galvany Putget-Farró, Clot- Camp de l’Arpa and nearby Hospital de Sant Pau and Sants station.
      Councilman PPC has made clear that the suspension of these licenses is a precautionary measure and does not mean that future planning will create new spaces prohibit tourist uses in these areas, as in Ciutat Vella, since last term.
      “Exponential” rate
      Representative in the popular opinion, from being unable to open new apartments in Ciutat Vella, these uses have moved, first, to outlying areas and then have spread to other areas of the center, to make “unsustainable relationship between tourists and locals “. According to data provided by the PPC in the past two years the number of licenses of tourist apartments in Barcelona has risen from 2,680 in 2011 to 7,480 in February this year.
      Almost half of these homes are in the Eixample, where the number has tripled and it went from 1051-3407, to which must be added those who do not have an appropriate license. “In the field of Sagrada Familia, the exponential growth is even more”, said Alberto Fernandez, who has indicated that it can not “allow coexistence sink.”

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      While I don’t know any of the specifics of this suspension, there are a few dynamics at play.

      One is the hotel industry using their influence to limit these types of licenses.

      Another reason is that many of us who live in buildings in which some owners have decided to do short-term tourist rentals are tired of the abuse. I didn’t purchase my flat in an ‘apart-hotel’. Our situation is extreme – the young tourists has a very large party (70 people) last Saturday. The police were called by several occupants and a party was ended by them. But not without vomit in the stairwells, about 20 cigarette ends on my terrace, broken bottles in the building’s entry-hall, etc. We are working to ensure that this won’t happen again. Apparently after the third time the police are called, there are some extreme measure that can be taken against the owner of the flat. We didn’t call the police as we want to be somewhat tolerant, but from now on, we will call at first sign of a nuisance.

      And yet another reason is that there is a very strong anti-tourism sentiment in Barcelona right now. See this:


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      Partial answer here:

      New licenses of tourist apartments in Barcelona are for entire blocks
      “We do not want anyone with a flat free” to make it tourist has ruled Sonia Recasens | The city wants to “professionalize” the sector and that the owners are contactable 24 hours a day
      Barcelona | 30/04/2014 – 13:23 h | Posted: 30/04/2014 – 18:11 h

      Barcelona. (IRIN and Reuters) -. Barcelona City Council wants new tourist flats licenses are granted to entire blocks, not houses located in residential buildings, and it will appear on the new regulation of the sector, to be adopted in the next six months.

      “We have to professionalize the sector, we do not want anyone who has an apartment vacated” to make it tourist, explained at a press conference Wednesday the Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Sonia Recasens at a press conference, accompanied by the Deputy Mayor for Urban Habitat, Antoni Vives. “What we want is that behind there is a serious operator to manage a professional manner,” he added. Though the “focus it is on the group,” the deputy mayor has indicated that the Special treatment plan “may be different” as the environmental conditions in which the property you want to give the visitor use is located.

      For a year new licenses would be will grant the city center , and the consistory da six month period to draft a regulation specifically for tourist homes, a sector that aims to professionalize, and also seeks to ensure at all times coexistence between locals and tourists.
      At present, there are many web pages as ‘’, where homes and lodging offer , and the continuity of such deals, Recasens has realized that only homes that have the corresponding license tour may be offered, and They will ask the web pages that include the license number in their offers.
      The owner must be contactable 24 hrs
      The persecution of the activity that is not legalized is one of the objectives that the City Council is labeled with the new plan, and provide information to the communities of owners on how to act if a property for tourist use is installed on the farm . To avoid the problems of cohabitation between visitors and citizens, care for neighbors with the implementation of a specific program in municipal citizen service phone (010 and 092) is reinforced.
      The manager of a tourist floor shall be available 24 hours and if there is a problem, have a period of 30 minutes to inform the tenant of the dwelling antisocial activity ceases or discomfort, and if it does, you may withdraw License. While this plan should be approved in an average year, the municipal government has agreed with the PP a moratorium on the granting of new licenses slows, but only focuses on the downtown and tourist areas are not drafted.
      Specifically, it affects the entire district of Eixample and Poble Sec neighborhoods, Hostafrancs, Sant Gervasi-Galvany Putxet-Farró, Vila de Gràcia Gràcia Nova, Camp de l’Arpa, Poblenou, Diagonal Mar and Hospital environments Sant Pau, Sants Station and Park Güell. A moratorium must be added which is in force since 2011 in the district of Ciutat Vella, which has meant that in recent years, the supply of tourist homes in this area have stabilized in housing 614. In total, there are 7,854 licenses in Barcelona with around 30,000 seats, and the tourist district where there are more homes is the Eixample (3,721), followed by Sant Martí (903) and attention (894).
      “Afternoon,” as Trustee Ombudsman and ICV-EUiA
      The Ombudsman Síndica Barcelona, ​​Maria Assumpció Vilà, has welcomed the City Council has announced that in half a year a regulation on tour homes will be approved, but considered that this should have been done before. In a statement, Vilà has urged the municipal government to consider the recommendations in recent years has made the Syndicate in its annual reports: limit the number of licenses to prevent the reduction of the supply of rental flats for the neighborhood, establish control of users and introduce specific tax formulas.
      Councilwoman ICV-EUiA in the city of Barcelona, ​​Janet Sanz, considered that the new regulation demonstrates the contingency of the government team of Trias the lobbies of the sector. Speaking to Europa Press, Sanz said that the licenses have soared because of the omnibus bill approved PP and CiU in Catalonia last term, “where the licensing regime was modified.”

      “There has been poor regulation of the sector from the Government and has had a clear impact on the city,” which has grown from 2,349 licenses of tourist homes late this year 2010-7854. Sanz recalled that in June 2012, ICV-EUiA and demanded the implementation of a moratorium on new licenses, CiU and PP refused, and pointed out that there have been cities like New York where they have banned Tourist homes to neighborhood complaints that caused episodes of incivility.

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      I’ve written an article on this topic: Barcelona to Restrict Tourist Rentals

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