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      Hi Mark & All,

      Hopefully you can share your thoughts or answer my question below.

      I currently live with my family in a rented apartment in the center of Barcelona. Our contract ends October 31, and by that time we have been living in our apartment for three years.  The agency has asked us by letter if we would like to stay. We said yes by email.

      Now, the agency came back by email and said pretty much the following with a couple of official attachments which pretty much said the following:

      1. Rent increase of +15%.
      2. That we have to pay “Gastos Contratacion” of about 1 months rent.
      3. New contract is for three years.

      For the second point above, is that allowed by law?  I believe the first one is, but I am really not sure about the second one.

      Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated.

      Thank you.

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      Mark Stücklin

      Hi HG,

      I’m no expert in rental contracts that are best left to lawyers. That said, as far as I know and based on personal experience rental contracts in Barcelona are for three years but tenants have the right to insist on a two year extension if they want, or at least that’s a clause I have seen in a recent contract and had it confirmed by my lawyer. I’ll check this and point two with my lawyer when he gets back from holiday at the end of August. If you want a quicker answer I suggest you consult a lawyer, if you can find one at work in August.

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