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    daniele bagnagatti

    Hi community,

    I have been studying the Barcelona property market for quite a while, and I was about to purchase a flat 3 years ago, right before the new law, banning new licencia turistica, has been passed.

    I would like to go back to this project and I would like to double check some assumptions.

    From my understanding:

    1. no more licencia turistica are granted.
    2. and it’s not possible to but just the paper – licencia turistica – (on the black market) and “attach” it to a new home
    3. the only option is to buy a property with the licencia already attached. But they are very hard to find and prices are simply crazy.

    So I thought something else.

    from my understanding if I rent my barcelona flat for more than 30 days, I do not need the licencia turistica anymore. Am I correct?

    Any other suggestions to find a way to buy a good apartment in barcelona and rent it out short term?


    thank you


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