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      Hi All

      I’ve been to-ing and fro-ing between Barcelona and London now for 3 years. I’m currently renting in the Montjuic-Poble Sec quarter. I keep hearing of sales price drops in the City but no clue as to what prices people are actually settling at. There certainly seems to have been a huge drop in sales volume but asking prices seemed to have only come down marginally 10ish % since I arrived in late 2006. Is there any data/index that shows completion prices rather than asking prices?
      ps any best info guidance on buying in the Montjuic-Poble Sec area also welcome.

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      Hi Eddy,

      There is no data showing this. You may be lucky and find a few agents who will actually tell you what the properties traded at but unlike the uk where you can search the land registry and it states what they sold for there is nothing like that in Spain.

      Despite the small percentage drops, you can make an offer and see what happens, some will accept others will not, it depends on their individual circumstances.

      Good luck

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