Barcelona building prices up 30pc in 6 months

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      Mark Stücklin

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      Talking to a Barcelona developer the other day they told me their cost of purchase for buildings in Barcelona has gone up by around 30% in the last 6 months. Another developer has put up retail prices 15% in the last few weeks, yet continues to sell at the same pace. I’m seeing a clear change of cycle in prime Barcelona. And as elsewhere, the change is being driven by foreign demand.

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      Hi Mark

      Interesting news. For residential market the foreign demand is also a key point of increase of volume of sales in Q1 and Q2 in Barcelona.

      Congratulations for the site !

      Kind Regards,

      Julien from OuiFind


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      Are comments on your articles censored? I have noticed a couple of my posts never appeared even though they were not contentious. Ms puzzled!!

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      building prices are up 25% at least all over the country; higher social security charges, new legislation, higher price materials and difficulty in raising finance are affecting builders in their tendering. Also, the builders that are left don’t want to work for nothing and require a good return or don’t bother bidding…….. 😥

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      not to mention banks now putting up the prices of their repossessions – just like the downturn in the early nineties !!!

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      I personally know someone, based in London but with Catalan connections, who has bought an apartment in Barcelona this summer. On the one hand I can understand that it’s a good time to buy, when prices are at their floor (or as close as they can be), and of course you’ll still get a lot more for your money than in London. However I do wonder whether this independence quarrel could turn out as  bad news for stability and prices  (Catalunya, not Scotland! )

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