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    We have land in Catalonia and I think I am getting to the bottom of what’s gone wrong here. We lived in the area for 5 months during 2006 and my partner paid social security locally as we thought we’d stay. Alas, we didn’t and we moved back to England. We cancelled everything but I think seguridad didn’t get the message and because they have only our agricultural address (which doesn’t exist as a postal delivery address) and they didn’t write to our gestor as requested, they then lost the plot and put an embargo on our account for missed payments.
    What a nightmare. We thought we’d seen it all what with the council “writing” to our agricultural address instead of our architect when we applied for planning permission (it took him 6 months to figure out why he couldn’t get them to answer his letters as they just kept sending letters to the wrong address despite him phoning them, faxing and emailing persistently…..).
    Well, if nothing else – I don’t presume they’d pay us back – we can go and claim our Euros 5,50 per month in state pension when we come to that stage. But no doubt, by that time the Spanish government will be bankrupt and no pension for miles to be had….

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    Assuming your partner submitted a signed “baja autonomo” by means of Modelo TA0521 as obliged by law, then the baja is effective from the first day of the month following and so if social security payments have wrongly been taken they should be refunded.

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