Bank interest rate in Spain

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    Ursula Rose

    We are still paying off a mortgage with CAM and each year the interest rate changes. The next change will be Sept/Oct – at the moment we are paying way over what we are getting with a mortgage in the UK.[/i]

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    Your point is ?

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    That’s a bit harsh Shakeel as it’s a first post. Not everyone has time to scroll through endless forum messages for info.

    Basically Ursula Rose, you have a mortgage which changes interest once a year, the 12 Month Euribor rate plus your % rate on top. Your payments will go down in September as the Euribor rate is now lower than September last year.

    What % is your mortgage, eg: Euribor + 4%? You can search what the Euribor rate was in July as that is the average rate they’ll use for the Euribor bit.

    It won’t be the same as a UK mortgage and why should it as it’s a different country with different rates etc.

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    I doubt Shakeel was being rude. I looked at this posting this morning but couldnt work out what the poster wanted to know or wanted advice on so I passed it.

    There is no question, just an observation.

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