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      Does anyone know how to get around the banks here in Spain? I travel a lot and because of the postal system being so rubbish in Spain and the internet access even worse, my personal bank account went overdrawn without my knowledge. I went into the bank on my return from the UK and because its not my main bank account, for salary etc, I put a bit on account and sat in the bank making sure that all direct debits/standing orders were cancelled. I had already decided at that point that this bank is rubbish with all the mistakes they make IN THEIR favour so was preparing to move anyway. The worse thing is that the bills they have debited from my account were from months before, but the direct debits were ones I had specifically cancelled.

      Despite all the transactions being put on my account and the credit card being cancelled (at my request, as it seems a dangerous thing to dish around in Spain, your credit card number), debits kept being made to the account and I was more than shocked to get a phone call from the bank saying the account is overdrawn by over 500 euros and they would take legal action to recover it.

      I just cannot believe it after sitting in the bank with them and cancelling all transactions that would enable anyone to take money from the account, but these transactions still went through and even though I personally cancelled them, they seem to ignore my request for WHY these were allowed to be taken and just threaten me with legal action. I feel strongly that I shouldnt have to. What should I do? Will I be black listed in Spain for any other accounts in banks?

      I have never known as many mistakes as in Spain within banks and because of the system, it seems impossible to log whats going on in your account on a daily basis.

      Any suggestions? Any good banks on the coast?

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      the banks who have the least charges are the Caja banks eg. Caja Mar, unicaja. Don’t find any very efficient as to direct debits. I always get them to sign a copy of a cancellation so that I have it on file as they are very good at denying you cancelled.

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