Bank Charges in Spain!!!!

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    Hi we have a current account with online banking in Spain with the BBVA ,and we are being charged roughly eight ponds a month for what a card and a bank book ??? could others in the forum let me know how much they are charged and give me some recommendations please,also how easy is it to close aaccount in Spain?
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    Phil Martin
    North Yorks
    UK đŸ˜†

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    Hola – we have a Premier current account with Sol Bank (Banco Santander). We pay around 8euros50 cents per quarter for account maintenance. They do not have as many ATM machines as some banks but we have found their service very good. Their “lifting fees” for transferring money can be negotiated and they have a good value sterling account if one is required. Sorry can’t help with closing accounts.

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    Can give no names as some are my clients but look throughfully as there are banks in Spain that do not charge commisions at all:

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