Average salaries in Europe – Spain below average

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    Mark Stücklin

    This chart showing average EU monthly wages is interesting. Spain clearly below average, which should affect relative house prices and cost of living.

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    That’s a wide range.  The cost of living is much higher in Denmark according to this probably unscientific but interesting tool:

    Consumer Prices in Denmark are 48.90% higher than in Spain
    Consumer Prices Including Rent in Denmark are 54.55% higher than in Spain
    Rent Prices in Denmark are 72.54% higher than in Spain
    Restaurant Prices in Denmark are 72.53% higher than in Spain
    Groceries Prices in Denmark are 44.88% higher than in Spain
    Local Purchasing Power in Denmark is 33.88% higher than in Spain


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    Interesting, but would be better to see salaries adjusted to cost of living. Norway seems to be missing and would surely be somewhere at the top with Denmark. I wonder how the grey economy in Spain and in some other countries affects the figures? When I get a plumber, electrician or handyman to do a small job in Spain there are usually no receipts, so the income he declares to the taxman is less than his actual income.

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