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      I read in the Spanish press that this summer there has been a bigger-than-normal clampdown on illegal holiday rentals, that is people renting out their homes to tourists without declaring any of the rental income. Apparently inspectors have been visiting homes that are in theory empty and checking the utility bills to confirm this. Apparently 60% of inspections resulted in illegal lettings being discovered. Anyone know anyone who has been caught?


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      Anyone know anyone who has been caught?

      No, but…I may be reporting someone to the authorities.

      Our place is a sobreatico. Atop is a community space that is not for recreation – it is full of air conditioner units, satellite dishes, cables, etc., for the occupants of the building.

      What has happened is that someone in this building is now letting their flat to tourists and a ‘selling feature’ is the wonderful views from the community terrace. Fine, I don’t care if people go up there to look. But last Monday, some of the tourists decided to have a very loud party. As there is no soundproofing on our roof at all, it was very loud, and my somewhat irate husband went up to tell everyone they had to leave. They were apologetic, polite and immediately went back to the vacation rental unit.

      After discussing this with a few other occupants, who seem to be concerned that a drunken tourist is going to break something up there, we are giving the vacation rental owner an ultimatum – surrender the keys to the terrace and yank it from the ad, or be tossed to the authorities.

      This made me realize another aspect of the vacation rental: The vacation renters can be a nuisance to neighbors who share walls, ceilings, floors etc. with them.

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      Too right Garry ❗ ❗

      One of the worst things that can happen to you, in my opinion, is that a neighbour starts renting to tourists. You have to put up with noise and strangers coming and going. In this respect I totally sympathise with attempts to regulate the activity in a city like Barcelona.

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      Haven’t heard of anyone directly being investigated but was listing to Bay Radio which covers most of the Costa Blanca when the guy from Round Town News was saying officials were going round apartments in Denia this summer knocking on doors and asking for paperwork from the occupier re owner/rental etc, of course they only speak Spanish and most of the occupiers didn’t so caused much confusion, did the same last year in Calpe he was saying

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      Neigbours in our urbanization have similar problems with a flat that is let to Erasmus students. There’s not much that can be done apparently.

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