AUN property rights group meets with top Government official in Valencia

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    Mark Stücklin


    The Abusos Urbanísticos No (AUN) (No to urban planning abuses) property rights group, who have been fighting against property rights abuses in Spain for more than a decade, have finally been received by a top official from the Valencian Regional Government, having been ignored by officialdom until now.

    Last week AUN president Enrique Climent (pictured centre right), along with Charles and Lisa Svoboda, met with María José Salvador (left), councillor for land, housing and public works in the Valencian Generalitat (Regional Government).

    The previous Government in Valencia, run by the PP for decades, adopted an infantile policy of ignoring the AUN because it gave voice to the frustrations and sense of injustice suffered by thousands of tax-paying citizens of Valencia.

    That the new Government is prepared to engage with the AUN is a positive sign for Valencia and Spain. “A very positive advance, on a very long and twisty road,” says Charles Svoboda. “May this prosper.”

    Stronger property rights in Valencia will build confidence and mean more buyers and investors, making the region richer. How the previous Government didn’t understand this beats me.

    Congratulations AUN!

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    Nice to here this finally the dispute is over against the property.

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