attic spaces in spain are they legal do they require planning

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      Hello again

      The lady who has been showing us properties has said we can put a clause in the offer subject to us getting planning to put a straight stairwell in and higering the room height. Is it hard to get planning in Spain and at what costs. She introduced us to some builders who said it could be done? I am concerned that if we sign a contract we may up up having problems is it normal for the estate agents to hold the deposit monies in a client account. We have worked hard to save for aholiday home in Spain but its turning out to be stressful.

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      If you are looking for attic space, consider using attic trussed rafters if the building configuration is favourable. You can get up to 60% living space of the footprint and because a truss is an engineered product, you would also get the structural calculations and design drawing package – all compliant with EC. The local authority may allow a replacement roof without planning, even though the roof pitch would be steeper than usual, so its worth paying a visit to enquire.

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