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      Mark, if I want to advertise my villa on your private sales site how do I attach photos to go with the text? Do I just copy and paste into the text box?

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      One option if you wish to show several pics and show them in different ads is to get a free email account from yahoo and use their free photo albums which you can put a link to or better sign up for their free flickr photo storage account. Then just post a link to the page.

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      Hi Phantom,

      I replied to your original question by PM, but for some reason it was never sent – I just found it still waiting in the ‘outbox’.

      You asked how to put pictures of your villa in your free ad. I’ll try and explain how.

      You have to have the pictures up online at a website somewhere else, for instance your personal website, or any other site you have access to. You then place a link in your ad to the picture.


      You upload a picture called ‘picture.jpg’ to The address of this picture would be:

      When placing a text ad in our forum, you will see an option in the menu above the message area called ‘Img’. You use this option to insert a link to the picture you want to display.

      The problem is you have to be able to upload your photos to a website, otherwise it won’t work (I can’t allow people to upload them to my server as I would quickly run out of disk space). However you can put your photos online for free at and other places

      I hope that helps

      Kind regards


Viewing 2 reply threads
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