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      The first week of reduced fares on the fast rail network in Spain has resulted in an increase of 75% of sales, Be interesting to see how this affects travel numbers to those cities with a Ave station.

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      Be interesting to see if they made a profit too 😀

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      These figures from a Rail talkboard don’t show profit per journey, but they are still very illuminating

      Sales in advance of AVE tickets on Friday 10th of February, 2012.

      Tickets: 35,547
      Income: €2,509,712

      Sales in advance of AVE tickets on Friday 8th of January, 2013.

      Tickets: 76,543 (+115%)
      Income: €3,654,749 (+46%)

      A good proportion of those taking the opportunity to travel will no doubt spend money in bars, restaurants, shops etc in their destination – although no doubt one or two will take the bocadillo de queso in silver foil and just walk around.

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      The trains are running anyway, staff are already working, all the running costs are being incurred whether there are 100 or 1000 people travelling on the train. It makes sense to reduce the ticket prices if it results in additional income.

      Cost = same
      Income = increase
      Profit = increase

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