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    The president of Malaga’s Developers and Builders Association, José Prado Seseña, has said his members would be willing to sell their houses and flats they have not been able to sell at the maximum price permitted for officially protected housing, that is, €174,000. Sr Prado said there are currently 13,500 new houses and flats on the market awaiting buyers but that this number could rise to 25,000 by the end of the year. Sr Prado said developers would not be willing to sell new housing costing more than €300,000 but they are willing to take less for cheaper ones in what he described as a “really critical situation”.

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    I can see the Spanish government colluding with the Developers to bail them out.

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    The Spanish goverment have known what was going on in the development business for a long time , they knew that there were backhanders, brown envelopes and total disregard for laws and they turned a blind eye to it all as the money was rolling in while the properties were being sold….legal or illegal.
    I think now it is the case of closing the barn door after the hores has bolted , a case of too little too late. There are only one section that are caught up in all of this mess that I have sympathy for and those are the buyers who bought …and handed over their money in good faith for properties that they were assured were all legal and above board but were not. It is these people who have my sympathy in all of this big mess. The goverment sat back and rubbed their hands together in glee while the money was rolling in…they have no one but themselves to blame as they allowed all of this corruption to continue.

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    so true. If those at the top, in the ultimate positions of trust, didn’t give a toss, it’s hardly suprising that the same attitude filtered down through the whole system, till it reaches the poor sod at the end who has passed over money in good faith. I think most people think that if you are ripped-off by the first person you have to trust, and they won’t put it right for whatever reason, you will able to trust that the body govening them will be trustworthy enough to get it sorted. Sadly, in many cases, people have followed that theory for many years, ending up in the courtroom, still to be denied justice!!

    with all the unchecked greed, corruption, lack of common sense, poor regulation, disregard for laws etc, we now know about, how could it have ended any different to the current mess?

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