Are you worried?

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      Then I would like to recite to you something that somebody once told me and its very true

      There are only two reasons you should worry

      Whether you are healthy or not
      If you are healthy then no need to worry

      If you are not there are a further two reasons to worry

      If you need to go to hospital or not

      If you dont then you dont need to worry

      If you do then there are two things to worry about

      Whether you will come out of hospital or not

      If you do come out then there is no reason to worry

      If you dont worrying wont change it anyway

      So dont worry

      All the best and Happy Easter


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      I’m a bit worried about Vince!

      (just kidding – ¡felices fiestas!)

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      No worries Lenos

      Just had a great dose of positivity today. I am very close now to finishing my CD and have received another track back mastered which sounds great so I am very happy at the moment and long may it continue

      All best and Happy Easter


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