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      I’m doing some research for an ITV programme about the situation in the Spanish property market.
      I would love to hear from anyone who is having problems selling their holiday home.
      I’m especially keen to hear from anyone who is from the south of the UK and has a holiday home they are selling that’s within a two hour drive of Malaga.
      Are you selling due to financial problems brought on by the credit crunch? If so, please get in touch as soon as you can.
      Many thanks, Jeanette

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      Why just malaga – we are 4 hours away in Almeria where loads are up for sale including ours but we havent had many enquiries

      Thing is aren’t all these TV programmes simply adding to the doom and gloom fever all a bit self perpetuating and bad for those who are looking to sell as it merely drives prices further down by increasing the panic

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      I feel that TV programs helped to fuel the bubble, so it’s no surprise they will help to burst it too. It’s the same as the thing the tabloids do to Celebs… Build it up, then knock it down.

      Of course, I will benefit from any falls, so I shouldn’t complain too much.

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