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      If you are selling then I wrote a guide to maximising your chances of selling – full of tips from the initial decision to sell right through to the offer.

      It covers mainly how to make an impression and do the basic things – and even how to work successfully with an estate agent (if that is your option)
      More importantly it lists a large number of websites you can advertise your house on for free, plus there is a guide to writing effective property descriptions (not like you normally see – how to expand from a few basic features into a piece of prose that will get the potential buyers salivating)

      It is based on my experiences when selling houses as an estate agent (a couple of years ago)

      Its yours gratis. All I ask in return is you check out my music on the myspace page in my signature. That´s it

      If you like the music then please feel free to evangelise, sign up as a fan and download the music (free for the time being) and tell as many people as possible.(Not compulsory)

      If you like the book/guide you may send it on to whoever you think may benefit (and if they could check out the music page then that would be great as well)

      Best of luck

      PS Mark I hope this is not classed as advertising

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      Cheers Vince,that info is a great help.

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