Are you thinking of Buying a property in Spain?

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    If you are looking to buy

    then I wrote a guide 4 years ago – most of which still applies today. Its a 30 page (or so) guide. The only downside is that it has links to my old website (which is now inactive) I used it for promotion – hey sorry but I was an agent It takes you through the process from the initial steps when in the UK (or other country) to finding an area, things to look out for, the pitfalls and how to avoid them and even a check list of things to do.

    Its yours gratis. All I ask in return is you check out my music on the myspace page in my signature. Thats it

    If you like the music then please feel free to evangelise, sign up as a fan and download the music (free for the time being) and tell as many people as possible.(Not compulsory)

    If you like the book/guide you may send it on to whoever you think may benefit (and if they could check out the music page then that would be great as well)

    Best of luck


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    Hi Vince,

    I am probably being stupid but how does one access your guide?

    Enjoyed the music and hope to catch the band in action some time.

    Thanks again for your advice.

    Kind regards


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    Hi Mike,

    its very simple. Send me an email to and I will send you the same by return. Just put “buyers guide” in the subject


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    Yes Vince I got mixed up and thought you said selling which was hillybilly’s post which I had read and thought it was you,its a wonder I am not blonde.

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