ARE we "brain dead" punters??

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    I have been reading some of the back posts and noted the comments made by some, that as buyers, we are not diligent enough when it comes to choosing good agents and lawyers. From our own experience, when buying off-plan at the now defunct “Green Hills” development,one of the deciding factors that we went to these agents, was because they have won several awards, in their field. In the UK, we would expect in a situation like that, that a company with such a prominent profile would be credible.We read their literature etc, and felt, after meeting with other agents, that we had made a wise & informed choice!!!! They were certainly not the first agents we talked with. Just the best at b***s*******g!! Of course, we now know that we were very wrong. They are, infact, totally unscrupulous.

    We were actually told by our “host” rep, that he was buying one of the penthouses, with a friend, and that he hoped to buy him out, before completion, as it was SUCH a good buy!!!!!!!!! To date, I have not asked him what has happened to his investment. Be sure I will on our next visit to them in June!! One thing I will say about them, in fairness, they did arrange & pay for our flights to Marbella…. at our insistance.

    We are now questioning our sanity, and wondering if ,indeed, we are capable of making informed choices!!

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    Awards from car companies and other organisations that are totally irrelevant to Spanish property should be ignored. In fact I would go as far as to say that such awards should count against companies when you are deciding whom to deal with.

    Some of the biggest agents on the coast owe their success to their unethical approach to sales. Their sales staff will say anything to close a sale. The ‘I’m buying one myself’ line is standard practise. A good rule of thumb would be to run a mile when you hear this line.

    The choice of estate agent, lawyer and developer is critical. If you get this right you are very unlikely to have any problems. However buyers have little information on which to base a rational choice. I’m working on that…..


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    Thanks for that Mark!!!!! We are booking ourselves in for an immediate brain transplant…. if we can find a good neurosurgeon!!!!

    PS. How we would we know who makes these awards? We are thankfully, much better informed now.( thanks to forums like this.) But will it be good enough?!

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    I had my transplant also which has now made me stronger-willed so we will get them eventually.


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    Hi Paul

    Thank you for your e-mail and advice thus far. It helps immensely!

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