Are the British still buying property in Spain?

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    Are the British still buying property in Spain? The reason why I am asking this question is because with the recession and all the economic uncertainty in Britain and falling house prices in Britain and the poor exchange rate of the Pound Sterling against the Euro and falling house prices in Spain you would have thought that the Brits would have given up completely in wanting to buy property in Spain but I suspect that some Brits are still buying property in Spain – are these people crazy?

    The people who are buying property in Spain are buying in a falling market and with all the stories of rampant corruption in Spain and the deteriorating economic situation in Spain together with the risks of buying an illegal property as well as the land grab laws you would think that people would not bother buying property in Spain at least until the economic situation in Spain has stabilised and house prices have reached the bottom.

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    Fuengi (Andrew)

    to answer your first question, yes brits are still buying in spain. although in lower number

    to you second question, no they mostly do not seem to be crazy.

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    Doesn’t see if many are buying from anywhere. Property sales last month were down 26%+ compared to last July.

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