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      Here is some positive or even optimistic news for the forum.

      Murcia has been chosen to host the Arab Investment Forum, one of the single most important investment meetings of the year with over 70% of the Arab world’s investment strength gathering for 2 days of networking and discussion. An array of Spain and the Middle East’s most significant business leaders, government ministers, banks, hedge funds, financial institutions and sovereign wealth funds will be in attendance to participate in several structured sessions of discussion.

      Salvador Marín, Regional Minister of Universities, Business and Research in Murcia said the main objective of the forum would be to “promote investment and the potential of the region”

      Murcia has been selected specifically for its economic importance. It has a strong business sector, growing tourism and real-estate sectors and “has many future investment possibilities” according to one of the event’s organisers, Elias Baroudi, Deputy Director-General of the Al – Itkissad Wal-Aamal group.

      Co-Director of the Forum, Mario Armero explained that Murcia was an ideal choice because “the investor wants is to invest in reform-minded countries” and not in “stagnant regions, where there is no dynamism”. Mr Armero went on to explain that he believes in Murcia “things are happening for years and we have an important infrastructure sector – roads, logistical installations and airports – invest”.

      Pedro Alberto Cruz, Regional Minister of Culture and Tourism of the Region of Murcia said the forum is a “historic opportunity for the region because never before in Spain has an event of such importance been implemented” adding the event had been organized by the “two worlds” of the Spain and the Middle East which is “one of the major economic centres today”.

      This event is the second in recent weeks in which there has been shared investment sentiment between Spain and the Middle East. On the 25th May, the real estate arm of one of Spain’s largest banks travelled to Dubai to hold an investment seminar. The seminar showcased a range of properties and exclusive asset packages and which gained considerable interest from Dubai’s investors.

      The Arab Investment Forum will be held in the Intercontinental Hotel in La Torre Golf resort, Murcia on the 28th and 29th of June.

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      This even has been postponed until after the summer…..

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      🙁 doh! thanks for the update.

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