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      Can anyone advise on how to get properties appraised by objective professionals for things like structural soundness, electricity and plumbing, lead, asbestos, etc.? We were told this is not done in Spain, but believe it’s essential for determining and negotiating a fair price. Thanks.


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      Mark Stücklin

      Alienor, you can get a survey of this type in Spain. The appraisal company Tinsa offer a service nationwide called Certify Legal, with various different technical options. I suggest you get in touch with them for more information:

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      I am looking for some advice in regard to purchasing a new build property in las alcazares, Murcia.  It is on a block which is part of Puerto Marina built by Euromarina.

      We are considering getting a survey done by a RICS surveyor, or Tinsa, but we are not sure if it provides any further protection or information than the documentation required under Spanish law in connection with buying a property, for example, certificate of 1st occupation as we will be the first owners.

      If it was a resale villa in a town or the country I could see the value of such a survey as it may require work but I am not sure if it would add anything in our circumstances.   what do think?

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      Hi Alienor (and Mark),

      There are RICS Building Surveyors and Valuers living and working in Spain, Regulated and Registered in the same way as in UK.

      See above. The architect and technical architect will be responsible for the building for up to 10 years. The developer will be responsible for the first year and to a varying degree for 2 or more years thereafter. You must make sure that the property has a First Occupation Licence or the local equivalent. DO NOT PAY or take possession if it doesn’t have that, no matter the pressure put upon you. In addition, a new property should have ‘decennial insurance’, which by law has to be taken out by the developer. Note that ONLY covers the structure and not the rest of the building. The walls can fall out, but if the structure is OK the insurers will not pay.
      Whilst it’s good to have all these things if a problem is found you’ve to persuade those responsible to live up to their responsibilities. Much better and way cheaper to have the problems found before you pay for the place. Thus, get a survey. Worst case is that all is OK. If problems are found you then go back to the developer and demand they are corrected or get the price reduced, which will almost certainly be a saving of many times the surveyor’s fee.

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