Anyone from North Costa Blanca would like to get together

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      Hi there

      Is there anyone around from the North Costa Blanca/Oliva area who would be interested in meeting once a month. The idea is that there is very little for the 25-50’s here – everything seems geared towards the older generation (sorry I dont mean to insult anyone).

      My sister and I are looking at starting up a club of sorts (no membership required) to arrange events and meetings, socials etc. We are looking at hosting it in Bar SPinach Playa De Piles. The format would be very smple – have dinner, live music, and arrange events like SCUBA DIving ( we have access to some great dive instructors who would teach poele for very little), watersports events, beach events, basically trying to maximise our time in Spain and enjoy life to the full.

      At the minute it is very embryonic and just an idea – but if anyone is interested drop me a line at and lets see if it is enough to start something going

      Best wishes

      Vince Barnes

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