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    Hi everyone

    Great forum.

    We are planning to move over to South Costa Blanca area and have had an estate agent called Bennecke Investments recommended to us.

    Does anyone have any experience of Bennecke Investments, good or bad, they could share with us?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Keith,

    We purchased our off plan apartment through them in December 2003 – still awaiting completion! They had an office in Albir at the time and the staff were excellent. Unfortunately it closed over a year ago though they didn’t let us know and we only found out when we arrived to see them. Since then they have been dealing with us from their office in South Costa Blanca and we have had no communication, only one phone conversation instigated by us after lots of e-mails and wasted calls to their office – this was 9 months ago. We are always told they are “very busy”. Obviously they have long ago been paid their commisions.

    We have since had to deal directly with the developers to get any information regarding the late completion and problems which is disappointing to say the least. I am assuming they WILL contact us again eventually when we need to go to the notary but who knows!

    Had the Albir office and staff still been around I would have recommended them without hesitation but not now.

    You may find them better as you are buying in the area they are now based.

    Good luck and it goes without saying that you MUST have an independent lawyer before you even think about paying any deposits etc. Ours was recommended through this site and is excellent, can give you his details if you wish.


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    Hi Linda

    Thanks for your reply and advice about independent lawyer.

    I showed your post to the people that recommended Bennecke to us and they said that this had not been their experience. That all their enquiries had delt with quickly and professionally.

    What was it that you were trying to get the Bennecke people to tell you or do for you that they said were too busy to do?

    Cheers Keith

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    Hi Keith,

    We had been assured we would be sent regular updates on progress with the build and that has not been the case. When a contact in Spain told us there were problems regarding a water supply to the properties we contacted after sales for information which took several weeks to get any answers. We were told that the gentleman dealing with our file was “very busy” attending the notary etc with clients so difficult to contact.

    Since then there have been many delays as our property should have been ready “before the summer”. Due to problems with an electricity supply, completion has still not taken place and there is no firm indication when it may happen. Our lawyer has been very good at liasing with the developers on our behalf.

    I think the problems have been because our contacts had been with Bennecke staff at a different office and we are not known to the staff at Torrevieja who had no previous dealings with this development and it is a fair distance from their base.

    This is my personal experience only and as I said in the previous post, had the Albir office still been open, I am sure the communication would have remained as professional and timely as it was during 2004.

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    Hello Keith

    We bought a place through Bennecke’s Torrevieja office early last year and it will be complete in March. Throughout the 18 months we have been in contact several times and had no real problems getting updates though sometimes things have taken a bit longer than expected. I would say though that the UK office is probably the best place to go for help.

    One good thing we found with Bennecke was how relaxed their approach to sales was. This suited us as we wanted time to make up our minds.

    So as long as our apartment is delivered on time in March I would say our experience with Bennecke has been good.

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    Hi JoannaF

    Thank you for your message.

    We are already talking to them about going out for a trip in Jan 2006. ” for the price of 1. I know on this forum people say that you shouldn’t go on a subsidised inspection trip but they offer a guarantee.
    If you feel they have pressured you into buying then they will refund what you paid.

    I am happy that if they don’t do what they say it will have only cost me my time. I will also gain from the experience of visiting Spain and seeing for my self what is available.

    I feel that with an independent Spanish lawyer on our side and the insight we have gained from this forum we will be OK.

    I will keep you all posted to how things develop.

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    ūüė≥ OOps That should be 2 for the price of 1 not ” for the price of 1

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    Hi, I bought with this company in May this year. The apartment is not due for completion until July 07. I received my first e mail with lots of photos of the development which is in Punta Prima,South Costa Blanca development is alameda Del Mar . Apparently the development is on track

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