Anybody buying or building in Aragon area?

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    Hi, Is there anyone living around the Materana Mountains area,Horta,Cretas,Calaciete area?

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    That be real Spain, la España Profunda. Very beautiful. I went to see a new project in the Materaña at the end of the boom. Never got off the ground.

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    Aragon is stunningly beautiful in places, extremely bleak in others. It’s a completely different world to the built-up med., not least because winters can be extremely cold. I’ve even felt cold there (at night) in August.
    If you’re looking for a summer retreat to avoid the worst heat of summer it’s a possibility. The family of a friend of mine (who live in Valencia) have a chalet in Teruel province as their escape. Plenty of beautiful landscapes and forest walks.
    I personally would hate to live there all year around though. Winters would be too punishing.

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