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      We agreed via a contract (seen and approved by our Solicitor) who is independant as comes from Murcia (hopefully ‘independant)

      BUT we are concerned for the following reasons:

      1. We are renting with a view to buy in 18 months been here in the area 6 (a year elsewhere)

      2. We are connected to water and electricity via our neighbour Builder and no signs of a meter for each and our own supply, and indeed have been told this will not come about until, approval of the PGOU

      3. Of course, the PGOU could take years! And in the final analysis this house could still be deemed ‘illegal’

      4. As we are currently only renting, we had a clause put into our contract where we would get back 50% of monies paid and including our deposit over the term – should the house turn out ‘illegal’

      5. We are paying a high price for electricity and water because the price of the water goes up proportionately to the usage and let’s face it there are two families on one supply. Last bill 564 euros and we paid over half!

      6. Water – we are frequently cut off……… not always our neighbour/builders fault – but we are paying way more than we did at our previous rental – last bill for two months was over 45 euros. We do not drink it, we save water from washing up for the toilets and the washing machine is not on that much (bi weekly or less) small things are done by hand

      7. The rent part we are paying is 1000 euros per month and to the agent 100.00 euros. This is for an agreed term of two years. If all goes well (IF) THEN we get 24,000 knocked off the price of the house 225,00 euros and if all goes flippin pear shaped we will get half that amount (as it will be taken as rent only) and the compensation will be the over payments of rent as opposed to rent-to-buy.

      8. We have ‘seen’ but do not have copies of all the so called legal documents. But have been assured and assured all IS legal. Even with the lack of utilities here.

      Ours is a different position than others who are buying straight out, or off-plan, this is rent-to-buy (NOT buy-to-let)

      Can ANYONE please help us with any advice and help point us in the right direction, I really do not want to move again as I am quite frankly sick of it, unless I HAVE TO……..and yes, I know it may well come to it. The reason being my husband and I are both disabled, and we cannot lift and carry and it would necessitate a whole lot of lifting and shifting AND expense, let alone finding somewhere totally legal! Is this even POSSIBLE i now ask myself????

      Many thanks and I do hope some kind legal beagle can add something to assist us is doing further research and asking further questions and therefore get this situation more between our teeth than it is at the moment. In fairness, our solicitor only really advised us on the rent-to-buy contract and said it was fine. She has NO interest in the builder or the agents.

      Many thanks and hope fully some kind person or people will respond as my husband’s blood pressure is rocketing and I am getting more and more migaines over all this malarky! I am so stressed now.

      I apologise in advance for the rather long post.

      best wishes
      Vee and Paul.
      the cruellest lies are spoken in silence!

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      Dear Vee:

      I have been out of the forums during the last month for vacations. After reading your post my opinion is that you should rather cancel your contract and move to a safer place, the continued cuts and the continued illegal status of the house give to you enough reasons for a cancelling with indemnization ( as it is agreed, the half of your paid amounts), but I am afraid you will have to hire a lawyer to help you out.

      Anyhow, as you posyed on the 13th in August. I do hope you already have some good help and advice.

      best regards,


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      Dear Maria

      Things are horrendous. But I really do thannk you from my heart for your very kind reply.

      I will be getting legal advice now, as things have gone from bad to worse. Lies and more lies……….and more money.

      Many thanks for your advice/opinion


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