Another Spanish Bank in Real Trouble

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    Straight from the horse’s mouth.

    A friend of mine works for Lloyds Bank in the City. Lloyds have to report to the FSA on their finances every 3 days because we all bailed them out. The FSA have now told them to report daily. Why? Because there is another Spanish Bank in trouble with knock-on effect and maybe Lloyds are involved. We will see!!

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    just read that Spain has admitted today “that foreign banks were refusing to lend to some of its banks, but denied it was on the brink of seeking a Greek-style European financial rescue”. Well with Spain having to refinance billions of loans in the next month it will be interesting to see whether they have to seek eurozone aid.


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    Maybe that’s why lloyds are ringing me here in spain , asking if I want to invest in their new offerings ? Need some investment.

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    Have just asked the question does anyone know which Spanish Bank might be involved in anyway with Lloyds? Is it Solbank?

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