Another scam ?????

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    Have just read a posting on another site ( don’t know if I am allowed to put web address on here ) pertaining to a possible resale scam.

    Apparently the British vendors managed to secure 150,000€ debt on their property only a few days before sale completed.
    Everyone unaware of problem until debt collectors called.
    Apparently all legal searches were done prior to signing at the notories.

    Have no verification of this awful tale.

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    It seems the checks were not done properly. In the transactions I have been involved in the Notary has requested details from the Land Registry, including any pending documents to be registered, on the actual day of signing to ensure there are no unforeseeen matters such as that described. It would appear the vendors have possibly acted in a very dubious manner.


    Terry English

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    According to the posting all the checks were done on the day and the process the buyers used was totally correct.

    The vendors used the few days prior to get equity on their property.

    So this poses the question when are records from banks entered into the system so proper checks can take place ? and is the notory /lawyer accountable ?


    However as I mentioned previously this has come from a private posting and if true I wonder why it has not been reported in the media.

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