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    Any one who wishes to travel to Spain and needs a visa please be aware of the following:

    1) You cannot turn up at the Consulate to apply for one. You need to make a appointment by phone at £1.00 per minute. The present waiting time for an interview is 68 days.

    2) You are suppose to have a return ticket with confirm dates of travel.

    3) You also suppose to have medical Insurance for the duration of your stay

    Through my contacts I manage to find out why it is taking that long for the appoitment and was told we are short of staff. My inquiry as to the dates of travel and Insurance before not having the visa processed apart from the 68 days wait was responded with the usual Spanish shrug.

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    thats very interesting I presume that it would be different waiting times in different countries such as Poland and Hungary

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    Eight days Portugal. The typical Spanish way of doing things is how one is suppose to have a return ticket and the Insurance. if you don’t even have visa. A chicken and Egg scenario

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    Visa ?

    I have found this information

    UK passport holders do not need a visa.


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    I had to fly to Madrid to renew my USA visa. It is because of terrorism.

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    A potter: UK, USA , EU, Canada, Australia, etc do not need visa the rest of the poor sods do.

    Katy. As if the potential terrorist/drug dealers will use conventional route/methods. In the 80’s when England, London was targeted by IRA , mainly funded by American Irish, no such knee jerk reactions was taken by the British.

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    @shakeel wrote:

    Katy. As if the potential terrorist/drug dealers will use conventional route/methods.

    9/11 ?

    Richard Reid the “shoe bomber” ?

    Any preemptive checks via visa requirements make me feel safer.

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    9/11 was not conventional route. Richard Reid Shoe bomber, does anybody know exactly what and how much quantity was found on him ??? would that quantity have been sufficient to blow a plane. I doubt it.

    Anybody can obtain a passport/visa with a clean record and could have been the latest recruit to the case, which ever the cause maybe.

    I prefer to safety at the Airport including taking my shoes off. However not allowed to use cutlery knife/fork in the airport dinning are was ridiculous.

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