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    Can anybody help me with taxes?

    I was a resident in Spain for several years before returning back to the UK in September 2007. Up until that point I had declared my taxes annual at the regional tax office and always seem to get a rebate. I had good intensions of doing the same this year for 2007 but looked to have missed the boat!

    a) Can I declare my taxes for 2007 in 2009?
    b) Would I have been classed as a resident for that year, even though I left half way through the year?

    I intend to start paying as a non-resident next year on form 214 etc, but I’m concerned they will fine me for the missing year.


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    They will add a surcharge for late payment but from memory it’s not onerous. It’s certainly not a massive fine.

    You will need to attach proof of when you left Spain, or make a declaration. Whether you will be deemed to be tax resident will depend on the number of days spent in Spain.

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    As ashtondav points out, if in 2007 you spent more than 183 days in Spain holding ‘residencia’ then you are not subject to non-residents Income and Wealth tax for that year.

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    Even more confused now, I was led to believe the abolition of Wealth tax didn’t come in until jan 08 hence I would be liable for the year 2007?

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    hello everyone,

    just joined , can anyone advise me?

    Does anyone know can a catastral value be appealed ?
    I am in Estepona.
    They have given me a catastral value same as purchase price
    I thought that CV was always lower than catastal value

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    Martin, you would be better off posting this as a new thread or try’s forum as I’m pretty sure there is someone on there who has appealed a catastral revaluation.

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    You are liable for 2007. Get cracking!

    As a non resient you may still have to complete the form for 2008 even if the tax is rescinded. No one knows yet.

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