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      Hi all

      I am UK based Creative Director of a marketing agency that works with a Spanish property developer and their law firm.

      We are trying to find out how much UK owners of Spanish property know about filing their annual tax returns. If anyone could help in any way or direct me to any website or poroducts they use it would be greatly appreciated.

      Key questions are:
      Do you do an annual tax return?
      Who does your annual tax return?
      How much does it cost?
      Would you be interested in doing it yourself online?
      Would you do it online yourself to save money?
      Are you aware of the Spanish Government targeting non-tax payers? (They increased tax income by 9.5% last year most from property owners.)

      All information will be treated confidentially. Any questions please use the forum or contact my email address

      Kindest regards


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      To have this kind of business information cost money. I sugguest you spend this money 👿 .

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